V I E ! Coaching & Consulting - Love the Life You Were Born to Live!
VIE: <vee> -noun  1. life (French)
In English the world "vie" (pronounced with a long "i")means to contend, compete, struggle.  Yet that same word in French simply means life or to live. The French also have a saying "joie de vivre" which means living with enjoyment and gusto.  Reclaiming this naturally joyful state of being is what VIE! Coaching is all about. 
Are you loving your life?  Enjoying it? Can't wait to wake up each morning?
Or do you often feel:
  • stuck
  • afraid
  • tired-but-wired 
  • anxious
  • unmotivated
  • lonely
  • sad
  • inadequate
  • burned out
  • unappreciated
  • trapped
  • overwhelmed
  • "what's the use"
  • not even sure who you really are anymore?
If the answer is YES you are not alone! Since childhood, we were taught and have come to accept beliefs about ourselves, others and how our world works. Many of these teachings are powerful, true and meaningful. Other concepts worked for a short time, but are now outdated... and even dangerous. Pain - either emotional, spiritual or physical - is simply a message that we are stuck in beliefs that are in opposition with our true and highest self.
These beliefs are like computer programs, constantly running in the background, affecting our moods, feelings, relationships, self-worth, work, finances, and even our physical health.
Is is possible to "reboot" back to the freedom and security that is our natural state of being?  Is there an "anti virus" that will get rid of the annoying "pop-ups" that play havoc with our happiness?
Through a variety of modalities and proven processes, VIE! Coaching can assist you in letting go of outmoded and harmful beliefs and emotions ~ easily and quickly. Together we can explore and discover those blocks, release them, and then finally live again! ...Isn't that what life is about?
* stuck sheep image from www.funnyoldplanet.com